The paint on vehicles has changed as much as the technology in the vehicles. There are more complex toners and pearls to make your unique color. We have the PPG paint training and the proper tools to make your vehicle look brand new.


Every vehicle is unique in its own way. Even if you have two of the same year, make, and model of vehicles, they may look the same color, but they are different. Depending on what factory it was painted in and even the outside temperature can change the color of the paint pigments. We have a state of the art tool called a Rapidmatch from PPG. It is a camera that takes pictures of the paint and narrows down the different variants to the best match. Each color is made up of different toners & pearls to match your vehicle’s color. Some colors only have one variant, but some colors could have ten variants. This tool insures that the color we spray on your vehicle is as close as you can get to what was applied at the factory.

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