Watch Out For Insurance Companies Trying To Steer You To Their “Preferred Shop”

You shouldn’t let an insurance company push you to one of their preferred repair shops where they may skimp on cheap repairs and replacement parts. You’re paying for car insurance not to save the insurance company money at your expense, but to make sure your vehicle is restored “factory condition” that we back with a written guarantee.

Don’t be swayed by the insurance company when you want to use the shop of your choice. Common objections you may hear include:

“That shop is not on our preferred list”

We are not a direct repair collision center for any insurance companies because we chose not to be. We are independently owned and do not rely on insurance companies to send us work. However, we do work with all insurance companies. You and your vehicle are our customer and we have your best interest in mind. Through our commitment for providing the best quality replacement parts and the use of latest in repair technology we have earned recognition and referrals as a shop that is dedicated to making sure your vehicle is delivered back to you in perfect pre-loss condition. We don’t cut corners. Period.

“If you take your car to a shop that you choose we can’t guarantee their work.”

Our work comes with a written Lifetime Warranty. (Insurance companies do not have warranties, only body shops)

“Claims take longer to settle with a shop that’s not on our preferred list.”

Adjusters from different insurance companies visit our shop daily. Most insurers have an adjuster out within a couple of days. (Sooner if they are paying for a rental.)

“Any repair charges added after the estimate will be paid at your own expense.”

That is not true. Some situations involve internal unseen damage that can only be discovered once we start on repairs. At that point, we work with the insurance company to provide a supplement that outlines the work that is needed to restore the vehicle to pre-loss condition for which the insurance company is responsible to pay.

After an accident always make sure to take the proper steps and do your research on the shop that will do the repairs. Don’t assume that the insurance company has your best interests in mind because they don’t. It’s all about the least they can pay, not the best repair that your vehicle deserves!

Remember, at Vinnie’s Collision center, we fix cars the right way, not the insurance way. That’s why we have worked hard to meet the most stringent requirements required to become a Honda Certified repair facility and why we are the repair shop of choice for our nearby dealership partners including Jack Matia Honda, I-90 Nissan, Kowalski Ford in Avon Lake and Kia of Sheffield. We have earned their trust and we would like to earn yours. There’s no appointment needed for an estimate, just stop in or email a photo of your vehicle damage.

Read this CNN news report for more information on how America’s repair shops are being pushed by insurance companies into using cheap parts.

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